Review: best facial hair remover.. Ever!


Kikay alert! (boys, you have been warned)

I just discovered probably the best facial hair removal ever! I’ve been reading about it online and have been on the lookout for it for some weeks now. It was playing hard to get! SM Megamall didn’t have it and so did other Watson’s branches. I finally found it in Robinson’s Galleria Watson’s branch!

For only P89, this baby can remove facial hair in a snap! It seems daunting to use but it’s pretty easy: just bend the remover in a U-shape and move it up and down, in and out. The feeling will be like threading so if you’re used to that, this would be close to painless.

If you’re still confused, here’s a video to orient you. Take note that the Watson’s remover is slimmer than the one in the video but the concept is the same.


I was super impressed with this invention! It got rid of facial hair better than waxing! Plus, no red skin afterwards. I recommend this to anyone who needs to remove facial hair though this won’t work on your eyebrows (I tried). I guess it’s really just for the other facial hair which are thinner and shorter. Still, this is a good buy! Since it’s reusable, no need to buy new waxing strips anymore (I was supposed to have this sorta kikay review on the better facial hair wax between Veet and Glam Works but I guess that will take awhile. I’ll be using this handy dandy invention from now on!)! That means more savings!

Not sure if you’re supposed to clean it or how you’ll do that or whether the hair will grow differently. I’ll update you if ever. 🙂


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