What’s the fuss about J.Co donuts?


If you’ve never heard of J.Co Donuts then you must be living under a rock. J.Co, an Indonesian brand, is the newest addition to the donut family in Manila. Now, when most of the bloggers I follow kept on mentioning and posting about how awesome J.Co donuts were, I knew I had to try them.

The first time I attempted to buy The Donut (parang The Araneo lang) was way back in June at SM Megamall (ground level Mega B). But when I saw the long line (literally 20 people were there), I decided to try again next time. In my head, I said, “Wow! People are really lining up for their donuts. It must be pretty damn good.”

The next time I attempted to buy the now famous donut was in September at the SM Mall of Asia (right across the globe). And again, there was that freakin’ more-than-20-people line. Again in my head, I said, “Whoa! People are wasting their time for them donuts. It must be that damn good.”

Finally, last week, I vowed to buy those hard-to-get donuts when me and my sis went to Alabang Town Center (new wing) because at least now I had someone to chat with while waiting (I actually forced her to wait with me and I had to pay for them). Again, there was that long line of people and so I convinced myself that “it must be the most effin’ awesome donuts in the whole galaxy!”


(l-r): Blueberry, Green Tea, Oreo, Cheese, Chocolate with rice crispies & Strawberry


We were utterly disappointed with the donuts! So not worth the wait in line. Aside from the dry and tasteless dough for all the flavors, here’s my thought on each one (we had no more choices) that we got:

Blueberry – is that just purple jell-o?

Green Tea – this was so heartbreaking! I was so excited for this one since not many pastries/ desserts/ donuts are green tea flavored and you know how I love matcha flavored delicacies! But alas, it was just green colored goo to my taste buds.

Oreo – there was probably 0% oreos in that recipe. OK, maybe .01%

Cheese – as my sister put it, “tastes like watered down Cheez Wiz”

Chocolate with rice crispies – the crispies were no longer crispy (duh!) but maybe that’s expected because it already absorbed the chocolate. It would’ve have been less worse if they just sprinkled it on top. The chocolate, surprise, surprise, was not chocolatey at all.

Strawberry = sugar + pink food color. I even spit this out after just taking a bite (no kidding!)

The J.Co box is still in our ref, unfinished, which is a shock for a sweet-toothed family like ours.

Plus, a lot of their donuts were out of stock at the time (or in J.Co fans’ head, out of stock because of high demand). I simply don’t know why people line up for it. Or maybe because it’s kinda cheap if you buy more? A piece costs something like P48, a half dozen P230 and a dozen about P350. But dare I say, it tasted like garbage. Ok, that’s harsh. Maybe like a P48 worth of garbage. It did not even come close to Krispy Kreme or Go Nuts. Heck, it didn’t even come close to the local fave Dunkin Donuts and Mister Donut.

Lesson learned: don’t always believe them bloggers (although maybe they really did like it. Or it could just be because J.Co sponsored them. Such a tricky dilemna for their sponsorships – always giving praises and not mentioning the negative ones. That’s why I’m glad I don’t have any sponsors. So you’re assured of my honest opinion. Just like this review. Oops, I’m getting off topic).

At least now I tried it. And unfortunately didn’t like it. It’s what I always say: Now we know what the fuss is about.

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  1. I always wanted to buy some whenever I pass by the shop in Megamall, but the number of people in line always stopped me from doing so. I have tried a couple (when the office admin bought boxes of ’em for the whole office) and I kinda liked the one with almonds. I think it’s called Al Capone. The other ones I didn’t bother knowing the names of because you’re right, they’re not really that good.

  2. HAHA!Perfect! I was also wondering why many people line up for that…I say, gawa ka na lang sarili mong donuts, siguradong mas masarap yun! ^____^

  3. i tried J.Co the other day and yes you are very right! heck! 1 dozen pa naman binili ko sayang pera! i was very disappointed and frustrated! ano kaya meron sa mga donuts na ito at sobrang pinagkakaguluhan ng mga tao, kahit saang branch ka magpunta eh laging mahaba ang pila..grabe nanghihinayang talaga ko di ako maka get over,

    ordinary lang naman lasa nothing special about it, and in fact magkalasa lang naman sila ng Dunkin Donuts mas rich nga lang yung dough ng sa JCo, yung strawberry cheese at yung may sprinkled confectioners sugar(vanilla ice something ata tawag dun) ng JCo ay parang yung strawberry filled lang ng Dunkin, at ang liit pa ng mga donuts nila, akala ko nga yun na yung JPops nila yun pala yung regular lang yun.

    eto pa, mahirap bitbitin yung donuts kapag 1 dozen or yung JPops yung bibilin mo, in the sense that ang laki laki ng box nila! di gaya ng sa Krispy Kreme na papapiliin ka nila kung anong mas preferred mong box if ever na bumili ka ng 1 dozen, pwede sa dalawang box na mas maliit na tig 6 donuts or yung kasya na ang 12. Eh yung sa JCo, wala man lang choices, pano naman yung mga commuters na sasakay sa lrt or mrt lalo na kapag rushed hour, or yung mga jeep na sinisiksik yung mga tao ( hahah. well,based from what i experienced)

    Sana magkaroon pa sila ng improvements and i might give them another chance hahah CHOS!

    ang dami ko na palang nasabi sorry! pero this served as an outlet towards my feeling of disappointment of JCO 🙂 puro papuri kasi yung madalas kong mabasa sa ibang blogs sa ayan haha

  4. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion and I respect that. I for one is not so fond of donuts because most of them are too sweet but kids love them for sure. Yes, the are a lot of people lining up at J.Co. My 1st was just a few weeks ago. I bought a dozen. Honestly, for me… I love the flavor especially alcapone. Those with fillings are definitely sweeter but I love the avocado one. My mom who’s over 70 y/o can finish 1 alcapone in a setting. According to her, not that sweet. I for one will definitely line up again to buy my selections…but will not if the line is too long to bear.

  5. We definitely have the same thing in mind.. Akala ko ako lang. Brr. Mas masarap pa dunkin donuts. I won’t dare to fall in line just to waste some money with that cheap donut. Ha! Ha!

  6. I haven’t tried it. My sister did and her reaction ‘it’s just a glamorized monay’. A friend of mine on FB ranted it was just a ‘jazzed up monay’. So, kakain na lang ako ng monay kung ganun. LOL Mas mura pa. hehehe

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