The puny little island called The Philippines


The debate and frankly in my opinion, the start of war, between China and the Philippines over the territory of Scarborough Shoal is still on and seems to not be going anywhere. I remember before, when the news was still fresh, I tweeted: Kinakaya-kaya lang tayo ng mga Tsino (we’re just being bullied by China, thinking we are inferior and won’t fight back). No offense but I really do think that from the majority of the world’s perspective and even some Filipino’s perspectives too, the Philippines and everything in it and from it is of lesser quality, substance and importance than the rest of the countries. I can’t blame them though. There’s a reason why we’re still a developing country.

I do appreciate that some world renowned kababayans like Pacman still say they’re doing what they’re doing for the country but really, does it do the Filipinos any good when they go out to other countries? There is still much discrimination, judgment and passing on stereotypes to Filipinos.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that happens all the time or that Filipinos don’t discriminate against other countries too. I guess it goes both ways. I just hope that the Philippines will stand up against a “superpower” and that the Scarborough Shoal thing will finally end.


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