Sample Room: one of the best websites by far!


I’ve never been this excited to share about a webiste before! Imagine a site where you can sample products from companies such as Benefit cosmetics, Kiehls, Kerastese, Celeteque, absolutely free! That’s right, free! Introducing, Sample Room!

Basically, you start with a 100 points, “buy” the products with your points (only one per product is allowed) then regain those points by reviewing and rating their performance! Of course, you only have to pay for the shipping, which is affordable at about P100 for Manila areas and approximately P130 for the provinces.

I read about this in numerous blogs and I’ve been dying to try it out! Finally a site that let’s you try out their products first before buying your own, full sized product! I’m a fan of this type of business because usually I’d like to try a product to see if it works for me personally. Because despite of good or bad reviews of a product, I still believe I have to try it to know its effect on me. This way, I’d be able to save more money because I’ll only be buying after I try it out and if it works for me! No more buying of wasted, disappointing products!

Ok, enough blabbering. Their first wave finally came though there were only a few products but they were all goodies like Benefits Poreffesional (which I’ve only read good reviews) and Kiehls moisturizing serum. But since I don’t have big pores, I won’t be using the Poreffesional and since I find all of Kiehls an expensive brand, I opted not to get these (since they’re out of my budget anyway) and let other girls who need them more experience it. So I waited for the next wave.

It came and I was pleasantly surprised that most of the products were full sized! Here’s what me and my friend got!


1 full sized 30ml Celeteque Ultra Lifting Concentrated Serum – costs P899; worth 60 points
1 50 grams Dove White Beauty Bar Soap – costs P25; worth 5 points

That’s a total of P924 worth of products for only P130 (shipping fee)! Not bad for someone who’s on a tight budget

Next is my friend’s:

1 full sized 20ml Glutamate C Intense Whitening – costs P199; worth 25 points
1 40ml Celeteque DermoScience Anti-Wrinkle Collagen Gel- costs P779; worth 50 points
1 50 grams Dove White Beauty Bar Soap – costs P25; worth 5 points

Total of P1,003 worth of products!

So nice, noh? Don’t worry, you keep the points you didn’t use for next time. Hope Sample Room keeps on doing a good job and keep on offering awesome products!


For more information and for you to be able to grasp the idea better, do check out . And again, let’s support Filipino entrepreneurs!


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