Best lemon squares!


I’ve never been a fan of lemon squares but since I tasted the ones at Becky’s Kitchen (which my sister forced me to buy since I work near Taft, Manila), it became a new found love for me. After tasting Becky’s Kitchen Lemon squares (which is absolutely delish!), I thought I’ve found my favorite squares. Turns out I was wrong!

Introducing, Purple Oven’s lemon square! Since we always go to Nuvali, Sta Rosa, my sister already knew and heard about this fab dessert place. A box of 14 squares costs P260 and comes in dainty packaging. This of course is for the season but the one we bought before was in another type of box.

When you get a piece, it looks so chewy and gooey which I like! Then you bite into it and it almost melts in your mouth (no kidding!). The taste is not too tangy as compared to Becky’s Kitchen (which I prefer) meaning there’s a balance of sweetness and sourness. But the lemony goodness is still there! One piece is never enough!


If you’re still looking for something to bring at a Christmas party or something to serve on New Year’s Eve, I definitely recommend this! Visit them at Solenad, Nuvali, Sta Rosa. 🙂


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