Forest Park, Dahilayan (Bukidnon)


Before the New Year comes in, I’d like to share where I spent my Christmas – Forest Park at Dahilayan, Bukidnon (via Cagayan de Oro). It’s basically a park with numerous activities such as, but not limited to, riding ATVs, the luge, the orb, horse back riding, trampoline jumping, fish feeding and zooming through the forest on zip lines! They actually have the longest zip line in Asia plus two more shorter ones – all through the scenic view. There’s a big playground with unique “toys” near the entrance surrounded by “picturesque” items. For the kids, there’s an obstacle course with hanging logs and swinging ropes and what nots.

As you can see in the photos below, there are three ponds (one big and two small) where you can feed the fish (only P12 for a huge plastic of fish food). And they have not one, not two but five golden retrievers! Perfect for dog lovers like me! Though they’re actually tied up, unlike before when they were in a big kennel. I guess it’s for the safety of the guests.

Also, you can stay a few nights at the hotel in the middle of the park and have hot meals and fresh coffee at their resto cafe called Forest Cafe. There’s even a jacuzzi overlooking the biggest pond. My relatives’ place is just at the foot of the mountain and was just about 30 minutes away so we didn’t need to check in. Take note, you’ll see hectares of (Del Monte) pineapple fields on the way to the park. Such a great break from all the garbage in the city.

My favorite part of the whole park is the picnic area which is filled with rows and rows of pine trees (with scattered animal statues). The weather was so nice too; just the right combination of sunshine and cool wind. Honestly, just being in that magnificent park and looking at God’s majestic creations is enough for me.

I highly recommend this for everyone! Personally though, half a day is fine with me since I’m not into ‘adventurous activities’ anymore. I’ve graduated from that scene. Hehe. But if you have kids with you, make sure you spend at least a whole day there since I’m sure they’ll want to try all of the activities there. I must warn you though that some of the activities are quite pricey such as the zip line at P800. Entrance though is just P50-100, depending whether you’re a kid or adult, whether you go there on a weekday, weekend or holiday. Good side too is that you can bring in food and drinks! On both times I’ve been there (September 2010 and December this year), it has been chilly so don’t forget to bring a light jacket or sweater plus a beanie to complete the look. Hehe.

Anyway, Instead of yapping, I’ll let the photos talk 🙂








Check their website for more information.


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  1. The park looks like something my sisters and I would enjoy going to. Will bookmark this for the future (if and when we get the chance travel and go there). 🙂

  2. my first try of ziplining was in south catabato and it was uuuuuuuuuber fun and the view is soooo amazing….
    i wanna try this by 2013!!!!!!
    have a happy new year to u jlapis ❤
    good vibes!

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