Sky (lantern) pigeon fly


Ok. That’s a lame attempt of a title. But just wanted to share one of our activities during Christmas. My family, our relatives, their relatives and their family friends (that’s a total of about 35 people.. whew!) spent the holidays together. We had noche buena complete with a Pinoy favorite called lechon and had a simple ‘game’ of white elephant. The works. Since the weather in Bukidnon was chilly, we had our dinner al fresco over candle light dinner, though we didn’t know what the characters on the glasses meant (so no offense to anyone if it’s offensive). Similar to what we did during my mom’s 60th birthday. It was quite dark but hey, everyone was still game to eat outside (it could be because we were starving by then. hehe)



As a culminating activity, the pastor in the group shared a short message about being thankful and grateful for everything in life. Then we walked towards the football field (our relatives’ house is just across that.. cool huh?) then we lit up a whole box of sky lanterns!

It’s easy to use: you just light the waxed board inside the lantern, preferably with a candle, wait for it to burn and when you feel the lantern is already floating, let go! Of course, to avoid any accidents, this has to be done in an open field. One of our lanterns actually got caught in a tree and I was so worried it might catch fire but it just died on its own, so I think it’s relatively safe.


Since last year, sky lanterns has been the ‘in’ thing and because of this, it’s now more affordable. I think the whole box of 12 pieces is just for about P1000. Each family had at least one lantern to light.


As I looked at the lanterns floating in the sky, going farther and farther away from me, I decided in my heart that I would liken it to my problems, worries and generally my past. I should just let all of them go. Just let them go. And I did.

Here’s to another year of hardships, laughter and love! 🙂


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