Sky Lantern Festival at Nuvali


As if the sky lanterns we had during Christmas eve wasn’t enough, my family decided to watch the sky lantern festival at Nuvali, Sta. Rosa since we spent New Year’s there. As compared to our family’s lighting, this was so much more magical since there were hundreds of lights.


It was sponsored by Ayala and happened in the middle of the lake. The night started with a short program with games and fire dancers and just a huge production number. Fireworks happened in between, though not sure if this was still Ayala’s.


When the time came to light the lanterns, the people chosen were scattered around the lake.The chosen few who lighted the lanterns were those who joined Ayala’s FB and twitter contest, those who won the games during the program etc.


I tell you, it was like a scene from Disney’s Tangled. If I knew the lyrics of the song sung by Rapunzel during that scene with the lanterns and the castle in the middle of the lake, I would have broke out in song. But hey, the view was really just awesome!




Hope everyone had a great night too! :))


What are your thoughts?

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