Easy home made eggnog


I have always been curious about the Holiday drink called eggnog. I keep hearing it in Hollywood films and TV shows and have always been interested in it. There’s nothing like that here in the Philippines. I don’t actually know what’s the equivalent here since we just usually have juice or soft drinks or wine for the holidays. The eggnog we know here are actually the biscuits. Hehe.

Since we have a lot of eggs in the ref, I decided to give it a shot. Since I didn’t have any bourbon or rum or cognac at hand, I searched for the non-alcoholic recipe and used home genius Martha Stewart’s recipe. It was the easiest and simplest recipe. Others were so long I fell asleep just reading it. Haha!

First up is the ingredients. Of course, I had to localize my ingredients so for the heavy cream, I used all around fave Nestle cream and for the milk, just the simple Alaska Slim milk. Grounded nutmeg was used as a garnish, though some recipes suggest to add them in the concoction. Sugar was also used (not in photo).


The recipe was for 6 people so I just halved the ingredients since this was just a trial run. Follow the instructions in the recipe. Once strained, you’ll end up with the liquid (1st photo below) which is the one you want and the extra more solid part of the drink (2nd photo below), which I later on threw away. I tasted the solid part even though it looks unappetizing and it just tasted like soaked eggnog biscuits in milk.



I don’t know if I did it wrong or if it would be better with alcohol in it or if it would taste better with different ingredients but honestly, I just thought it tasted like super sweet liquid pudding, if there was such a thing. Haha! And it’s more of a dessert for me. A really rich, thick, sweet dessert. The touch of nutmeg was nice though. But I don’t think the 30minutes or so that I spent on it (stirring it continuously) was worth it. I do, however, want to try the ready-to-drink eggnog so I can compare them, though I have not seen any in our local grocery stores.

How about you? Ever tried the American holiday drink favorite? 🙂



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