UPOU: The Oble with flair


I’ve always loved looking at the iconic symbol of the University of the Philippines (UP). The oblation, more known as oble, is seen in all of the UP systems nationwide which “depicts a man facing upward with arms outstretched, symbolizing selfless offering of oneself to his country (Wikipedia, 2013).” I’m pretty glad to have seen the original one hidden at the UP Diliman library since the others are just replicas.

But the UP Open University’s oble is the only unique oble “for its ribbon-like flag swirling around the pedestal and the replica of Guillermo Tolentino’s U.P. Oblation. This gives an effect of the flag lifting the Oblation into greater heights and rendering it the boundless reach that is symbolic of U.P.O.U.’s prime objective of widening access to U.P. quality education. (Wikipedia, 2013).”

I heard before there were issues on “altering” the naked man but I guess they were just rumors because still, at the center of the UPOU, stands the majestic oble.


This shot is my favorite. It may be too dark for others but somehow I like the grim and grainy feel the lack of light brings.



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