S&R March 2013 Annual Membership Sale


As promised, here’s some of the things bought at the S&R March 2013 Annual Membership Sale at Alabang. Take note, it took us about 3 hours to finish shopping. But that’s just us. 🙂 I wanted to share this as soon as possible for those who are still planning on shopping this weekend.


As much as I want to share every single thing we bought, I simply can’t. So aside from the cold cuts, wet products and the regular priced products, here are some items you can look forward to at S&R.

Note: prices are based on memory (though I think I have good memory naman. Hehe). The original prices that I wrote might not be too accurate though. Hehe.


Zip dishwasher, 1 liter – B1T1 P299
All of the soaps – B1T1 P150 – P350
Mats – B1T1 P299
Soft soap – B1T1 P99
Lysol cleaner – B1T1 P200
Tupperware – B1T1


Dog treats – P250 from P315


Zip lavender all around cleanser – P125 from P150
Bio zip detergent – P250 from P300


Olay lotion with minerals and seaweed extract – P400 from P500
Jergens age defying lotion – P250 from P300
Olay age defying body wash – P280 from P350
Dove conditioner – P130 from P170
Ponds cucumber cold cream – P400 from P550


Popcornerz Corn chips – P270
Krusteaz pancake mix – P330


Assorted Herr’s chips – P120
Combos crackers – P150 from P230


Kirkland crushed pepper – P180 from P250
Mayo with olive oil – P150 fromP170
Heinz ketchup – P130 from P150


Fish oil – P500 from P800
C-lium capsules – P520 from P650


Pop up tissue P15s – P155
Organic cotton pads – B1T1 P150
Jumbo cotton balls – B1T1 P150
Kleenex cool touch – P99
Colgate Tartar Protection – B1T1 P199


Planters honey roasted peanuts – P130
Assorted candy drops – P60 each


Nestle lite coffee mate – P160
Folgers coffee grounds – P800
Soya milk – P50


Dr. Pepper 8s – P180
Canada dry 12s – P250
Arizona green tea 1 gallon – P150
Minute maid 3x1L with free Coke 1L – P150

If I should choose, my faves would be the Arizona green tea (imagine, a can here is P50 already), Canada dry ginger ale (because a can here also costs about P40 and it reminds me of my vacay in Canada), the Folgers coffee grounds (simply because it’s so expensive outside) and the organic cotton pads (because it doesn’t unravel and is perfect as a soft face exfoliator).

If you plan on going to S&R, I hope you have a good time too. Enjoy! 🙂


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