Mac cosmetics love affair


Kikay alert!

Back when I still had some extra cash to burn, I would always go to Mac counters, which is my favorite cosmetics brand so far. Quite expensive but very good quality. Here’s a short rundown:

Bronzing powder is perfect for contouring and giving yourself a sun-goddess look, perfect for morenas aka nognogs like me. Their powder blushes are a must buy! Stays on the whole day and gives a very natural flush.


I’ve been planning on buying some kind of Make-up Brush Cleaner and this is the first I’ve tried. So far, I like the smell and a little goes a long way. This is better than just using anti bac soap dish or shampoo.


Of course, a trip to a make-up counter wouldn’t be complete without lippies. I chose Diva for that kontrabida, taray look and Cosmo, for that sweet-innocent, perfect with smokey eyes look. If there’s one thing you should buy at Mac, it should be from their lipstick line. Super gorgeous color, good pay off, very pigmented, can be applied easily and stays on for a long time!


Lastly, their Mascara. I love how it makes my lashes longer since I have sparse, thin, short Lashes. But I think I can get the same result from a cheaper brand so I won’t really recommend this.


Mac Cosmetics are available in Rustan’s and Ayala malls.


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