Cafe de Lipa: Good ol Barako Joe


Most Pinoys look forward to the Holy week so they can go to the beach and such but I, on the other hand, do not look forward to the traffic-that-makes-you-want-to-take-your-own-life. But that didn’t stop us from having a road trip to Batangas on Easter Sunday after our sunrise service at church.

Aside from good lomi, Batangas is also known for their Kapeng Barako or what I’ll call Barako coffee, said to be one of the best and strongest tasting coffee. So after breakfast, we dropped by a known coffee shop right smack in the middle of the Caltex gas station along Star Toll Way going to Manila.

Presenting.. Cafe de Lipa!


It’s a quaint coffee shop with a variety of drink mixes, including frappes and teas, but we went there only for one type of coffee.. the Barako coffee they call Barako Joe (P50 for the small cup). It was really delish, just your good ol, unadulterated cup of black coffee. Milk and sugar are provided for your own concoction. I’ve come to realize though that Barako is best drank black since it borders on the sweet side.

Speaking of sweets, what’s coffee without some pastry so we bought some of the “special” sounding desserts that they have such as the Dulce de Leche, Tableya Revel Bar and the Moist Barako Brownie (P55 each). Personally, I like the Tableya Revel Bar the most but the Dulce de Leche also tastes great, like caramel and oatmeal. The brownie is also good since it holds true that it’s moist and tastes like dark chocolate. The prices are not bad for really good coffee, food and ambiance.


They also have some items that they sell like pickled ampalayas, mangoes and papaya in jars. Barako grinds are also sold and can even be packaged in cute personalized boxes. Plus, the bunches of balls in the photo are actually chocolate balls perfect for champorado, churros dip or the no-fail hot chocolate.


I love the quote on the cup, so true!

If you’re looking for a cup of good Joe in Batangas, and need to gas up as well, drop by Cafe de Lipa. For some no-nonsense coffee.

*Update: saw a Cafe de Lipa branch at Market Market, Taguig


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