Best Vietnamese meal in Los Banos


No doubt the best Vietnamese place in Los Banos, Laguna is Phu Ong, located along what we call “grove.” It’s near UPLB so you won’t get lost. Ok, I know it’s probably the only Vietnamese place in eLBi but still, it’s pretty darn good for a very low price. Our family’s been going there for over a decade now.

It’s owned by a Vietnamese lady who does all the cooking (with a a little help from her assistant), so the taste is really authentic. She really uses Vietnamese ingredients like lemon grass and taro stalks which she herself grows. Her meals are so-close to the taste of Pho in Vietnam when we visited the country.

I recommend any of their Pho flavors (about P150 each). It tastes helluva-good whether made with shrimps, pork or beef. The serving is huge so you end up full afterwards. It’s very light and refreshing! We also ordered some fried spring rolls (about P150 for 5 pcs) though I love their fresh spring rolls too. I also recommend their beef and cucumber rice meal (not in photo) if you’re a rice eater. For dessert, we had pandan rice cake (P12) though nothing special with that.


And my favorite drink, salted lime juice (P70)! So good and very Vietnamese! Hehe.

Side note: found it interesting that they use this kind of patis (fish sauce).


Ok I know not everyone can go to eLBi just for Vietnamese food but another good yet a bit more expensive alternative would be Pho Hoa in malls. But do make sure to drop by Phu Ong if you happen to visit LB. 🙂


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