We are eating into our future


This is part of UPLB Chancelor Rex Cruz’ speech at the last graduation ceremony and it really struck me. It’s a scary thought fact.


What are we doing to stop this?

Well, For starters, we can recycle, re-use, segregate, throw garbages properly, plant and take care of trees, turn off lights and other electric devices when not in use, turn to solar or wind power, car pool or ride the bike, decompose, stop illegal mining, fishing and the like, never burn tires, control water usage, stop buying stuff you don’t need, turn to and use sustainable products, bring your own reusable bag when shopping, and so on and so forth. So many little things each one can do to help Mother Earth.

Not sure if it’s enough but it will do for now. I wouldn’t want to look down from heaven and see my grandchildren living in an already dead Earth because we didn’t take care of it.


What are your thoughts?

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