Homemade body scrub


Kikay alert!

Finally found a way to use my old coffee grounds! Since I almost always drink brewed coffee everyday, I’ve felt it was such a waste to throw away the grounds after just one use. I researched for other uses of it and found a number of them like using it for your plants and storing it in your refrigerator as an odorizer. What caught my eye was using it as a body scrub, which I love! Since I wasn’t satisfied with Human Heart Nature’s body scrub (I felt it was lacking beads and I didn’t like the smell), I decided to make my own.

My first attempt, I used the grounds with homemade ingredients like olive oil, honey and sugar. But though olive oil has a lot of benefits, I found it too greasy. So I improvised and just added Watson’s body scrub, which I also felt was lacking beads, to the grounds and concocted my own body scrub!


Just a warning though. Since these are coffee grounds, they are much more coarse than the commercialized scrubs, so be careful. But I love how coffee grounds have a lot of benefits like its exfoliation and anti-cellulite properties. Use it twice a week or every other day to slough off dead skin (I swear by this). And be ready to clean your bathroom afterwards because it is gonna be messy! 🙂

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