Stress-buster for cat lovers


To all dog-lovers and/or cat-haters, do not proceed.

Having a cat and petting them actually lowers blood pressure, which is why most homes for the elderly have pets in them, particularly cats. Plus, cats really do keep rats and cockroaches at bay. Ok. That’s all the introduction that I’m going to do because I actually just want to share photos of my two new kitties. Aren’t they just adorable? The brown one’s name is Zazzles while the white one’s name is Luna.

Luna is more aggressive, playful and sweet while Zazzles is still quite shy and unsure of himself. When they play, I sometimes see Luna bullying Zazzles by always beating him in their self-made games. But still, they seem to be getting along quite well (see photo below).

With two cats at home, all my stress better be busted away or else…









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