The attack of the bookworm


Late post. Hehe

I am ecstatic! Finally, I’ve completed the 6-book saga of James Clavell! Bwahahaha (tawa ala kontrabida)

I am such a fan girl of Clavell ever since I read his first book, Shogun (which is actually my favorite) about three years ago. It’s quite funny because it was approximately 10 years ago when I first met Clavell who was introduced to me by my sister. My sister, being the bookworm that she is, wanted the book Shogun and asked me to check this thrift store nearby called Practical Shop if they had the title. What I did was, since it was her birthday, I told her the store didn’t have the book even though they did. She was disappointed but then I surprised her later on.

This book is the second hand type, the type wherein you don’t know how many people have already read it, the type wherein the former owner doodled on the pages. I just love that about old books.

I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish the first book since it’s so thick (just like all of Clavell’s books) but once I started reading it, wow, dire-diretso na. Couldn’t keep it down! Had to force myself to stop reading and sleep since I had work the next day during the time.

Same goes for the second title, Taipan which was soo engaging as well. You can imagine how I felt when I still didn’t have the 3rd to 5th installment. I had the 6th one, Whirlwind, but it’s different if you read it chronologically. That’s why I’m so happy mother bought me these though unfortunately, they’re all brand new. Would have preferred if I had the old copies too.

Some people ask me why I even bother reading ‘real’ books when I have an ipad and can just download or buy ebooks and stuff. I always tell them there’s something different when I actually hold the book in my hands. I just love the feel of the pages on my fingers and I love the sight of the brownish-yellow pages due to old age. I don’t exactly like the smell of mothballs and dust on old books since I have rhinitis. Sniff sniff.

Me and my friends have this ‘thing’ about being total bookworms (here are two good-to-read articles: “Date a girl who reads” which stemmed from the article “You should date an illiterate girl.”) I must have gotten my ‘bookworm-ing’ streak from my mother.

I like reading novels, narratives, chic lits, pretty much anything (except for academic books which is such an effort) as long as I instantly get engaged with the story. Though I am biased when it comes to sci-fi/ adventure/ thriller/ mystery/ dark/ history based books like Clavell, James Rollins, Dan Brown and Paolo Coelho to name a few (even though honestly sometimes I don’t get Paolo). My habit is when I read the first few pages of the book and I’m not interested in it, I don’t finish it. I believe books are supposed to capture the readers attention from the first page pa lang.

pic from net

I remember in college, I already finished reading ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ and super loved it. Then when it became a movie, everyone suddenly became interested in it and joined the bandwagon and I was like, “nabasa ko na yan dati pa.” Haha!

pic from net

You know how most people bash other people who read Twilight, romance novels and other so-so books? Well, for me, I think any kind of reading is good. Most of the time anyway. And no, I don’t consider looking at pornographic material ‘reading’ (attention: boys). For me, when you read, you not only entertain yourself, you also churn your mind when you imagine the scenes and create your own world. Plus if it’s in English, it helps your vocabulary and even makes you sensitive to the Subject-Verb agreement of sentence structuring, which most Pinoys are weak at. I remember I started with The Baby Sister’s Club and the Sweet Valley series when I was growing up.

Sometimes I observe Pinays who read the Tagalog romantic pocket books, the thin kind which I see in the market. When I think about it, it’s still a good ‘exercise’ for the mind. Beats not doing anything at all. But I encourage them to read the English ones, even if it’s Mills & Boons which I was introduced & exposed to because our helper before read those types of books when I was younger (and I mistakenly found them hidden in our cabinet).

pic from net

So I say, let’s keep on reading! Aside from being a good ‘mind exercise,’ a nice form of inspiration and the like, it’s also a great way to ‘escape’ from this world. But too much ‘escapism’ is always bad. Just be sure to come back down to earth and deal with reality.

Bookworms, unite! 😀


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  1. This is one of my favorite posts from you.
    1. Ayos din ang King Rat ni Clavell. Hahaha. Okay nga siyang author. Akala ko kakainin ako ng buhay ng Shogun at di ko matatapos. Pero ayos siyang manunulat.

    2. Hindi ko rin gets si Paolo. Well most of the time. Si Jopi ang gustong gusto yun.

    3. Mas masarapbasahin si Clavell gamit ang second hand o third hand na libro. Haha.

    4. Okay naman ang tagalog romantic pocketbooks. Nakabasa ka na?

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