Blogging tip I wish I knew before


When starting a blog, other people who have been blogging already will have a lot tips. WordPress users know this since even WordPress itself has a list of tips especially on how to gain followers. WP will say that you should post regularly, create a niche and utilize social media by sharing your posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Now, if you’re like me who tends to shy away from the public eye, then a tip that I wish I knew before starting a blog is this: don’t tell your friends about your blog.

I’ve come to realize, people who don’t know you personally are the best readers because in a way, they don’t pass judgment on you and therefore, give you more freedom to write about what you want (or need), unlike “friends” who either look down on you or throw you under the bus.

With that said, you guys are the best (disclaimer: applicable only if we’re strangers 🙂


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