Momo cafe


Sis and I had an errand at Makati so we found ourselves walking through the Makati streets at 7am, wherein we concluded that we like Makati only at that time. By noon, we hated Makati already because of the heat not only from the sun but from the pollution and people as well.

Anyway, we were too early for our appointment so when we walked through Ayala Triangle Gardens, which was a joy to do since the place was really nice, we passed by Momo Cafe and as luck would have it, was open so we decided to have breakfast there. The cafe is very clean and nice looking, with only a handful of customers at the time as seen in the photos. We sat next to the window and had a really nice view of the gardens.


The breakfast menu is quite limited but has the oldies but goodies breakfast food such as daing na bangus (milkfish), longganisa (sausage), American platters, toasts, etc. We ordered their version of beef tapa (made with American Angus beef) which includes garlic rice, omelette, atchara, salted egg with cherry tomatoes and their special sauce (P195) and the three layer pancakes with fresh mangoes, whip cream, caramelized walnuts, butter and maple syrup (P195). For drinks, sis had iced black coffee (P90) and I had a cafe macchiato (P125). Take note, service charge will be added to your total.


I must say, the tapa was really, really good! Definitely a must try. It’s not like our ordinary beef. The sauce complimented the beef too, close to a bbq sauce. The garlic rice was tasty, somewhat chewy (as weird as that sounds) which I like. I would buy that again when I go back. As for the pancakes, I didn’t find anything special with the batter since it tasted like our local Maya pancakes. Haha! But I might be biased since I like my pancakes fluffy and light, while this one was heavy and packed. Nothing special with the coffees though.

All in all, I would have breakfast at Momo again. In spite of our servers not smiling, we found our experience there quite filling. Drop by Momo Cafe at Ayala Triangle Gardens when you can.


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