Everybody wants peace on earth or as the Miss Universe contestants would answer, “world peace.” So what’s so hard in achieving world peace? What’s the formula? I think it’s actually pretty simple. It just involves one word.


We’ve heard Barney of How I Met Your Mother say that a thousand times and it’s funny.But here in the Philippines, I think ‘respect’ is overrated. Sometimes I don’t think we should even teach our children to use po or opo or call everyone ate, kuya, tita, tito,manong etc even if we’re not related to them, as long as they’re older than us. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. But this denotes that just because you’re older, you deserve respect. I do not believe that.

It’s not respect if you really don’t have respect for the person. You’re just calling a person that way because of culture; because you’re accustomed to it; because it’s expected of you by society or maybe because you forgot the name of what’s-his-face. When you call your superior “sir” or “maam” or “boss,” are you really holding that person in high regard? Or once you turn your back, you just diss that person instead?

So what’s my point?

Really, if we all just respect each other, if we all just respect each other thoughts, ideas and decisions, I’m pretty sure we’ll have a pretty… boring world.

PS. I know sometimes I don’t make any sense. I think this is one of those times.

What are your thoughts?

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