Milano, Italy


It’s funny how the first and repetitive thing our tour coordinator would tell us about Italy is that we should be very careful of our belongings since there are a lot of thieves there. These thieves target the Asian tourists since according to the tour coordinator, Asians are the ones with the most money. Plus, we’re easy to see and target because we stand out, meaning we don’t look European at all. True enough, less than 10 minutes at a pit stop in Milan, one of our tour mates found himself without a bag. The thieves were truly fast. They even say that Italy has a school for thieves, though don’t quote me on that since I have to research and verify that first.


At the pit stop, there were a lot of interesting finds like olive oils and balsamic vinegars in cute bottles, various pastas in different sizes, types and colors and different kinds of salt, such as those in the photo (salt with chili pepper, with basil and with balsamic vinegar). I wanted to buy them all but our already heavy baggage wouldn’t allow us.


Anyway, we were just passing by Milan on our way to Venice from Switzerland. But we were able to visit this gorgeous and humongous basilica called Dumo Milan. It was absolutely astonishing since the design was intricate, both in and out. We weren’t allowed to take photos inside but it was so stunning. It was so much better and bigger than Westminster Abbey even. The columns inside were huge and it even contained the preserved bodies of past priests. Very, very nice.



What’s a visit to Italy without gelato! So even if it was freezing outside, no thanks to the light mist, we tried out their pistachio and cheesecake gelato amidst all the available and colorful flavors. The pistachio gelato was divine! The flavor was so rich unlike those sold in Manila. Haha!


I’d love to spend more time at this city!! :)))


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