Venice, Italy


A few more hours driving from Milan brought us to Venice and to an authentic Italian dinner with a half plate of pizza (or 4 pieces of pizza) with ham, cheese, mushrooms and artichoke toppings per person mind you, fresh salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, their local black pasta made of squid ink and tiramisu for dessert. Check in at Holiday Inn commenced.


The next day, we went to the pier and rode a private bus boat for the whole group. About 20 minutes of riding the waves, we found ourselves in Venice Island – the home of the famous gondolas.

Before that, our tour guide explained a few historic details about the sculptures and plazas around the area. We then saw a Murano glass making demo, which makes the most beautiful in Venice. Lunch followed at an authentic Italian restaurant for – what else? – pizza and pasta! We had the classic margarita (which is actually just different types of cheese unlike in Manila which has tomatoes and basil), cheese and mushroom pizza, baked lasagna and ravioli soup. Desert was of course gelato! Choco mint our fave and raspberry.


We didn’t have any more time to ride the gondolas since we went around and shopped. Haha! But I heard it costs about 70-120 euros for an hour gondola ride. The boat men wore their blue and white striped shirt with a hat. Some even sang for you.


Next, we went to the famous tower which inspired one of Shakespeare’s works. Any guesses? 🙂


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