Of airlines and Cebu Pacific


I’ll get straight to the point: Cebu Pacific has been getting a lot of bad rep for the landing fiasco in Davao (update: and that in NAIA) which happened a few weeks back. Passengers are complaining not only about the bad and slow help and service of Cebu Pac but also of the Davao airport personnel. They even said that some of the passengers were the ones who helped and comforted them during that time of fear.

My first question was: where were the pilots? The crew? The stewards and stewardesses?

I haven’t heard praises regarding their staff. I mean, aren’t they supposed to be the first ones giving a hand to their passengers? Apparently, the crew was stunned with what happened. Noted that Cebu Pac is just a budget airline with only the basic amenities and services but still, theirs is a very serious and dangerous business and their personnel should’ve been the first to assist the passengers.

Don’t get me wrong, I used to love Cebu Pac and was actually a frequent flyer, especially during the super cheap promo fares. I say ‘used to’ because recently, most of their promo fares are not as low as two years ago (or maybe I’m just unlucky in booking trips) and also because of so many complaints on their services that they’ve been getting (such as delayed or canceled flights, overcharging, rude staff etc. You’ll find a lot of stories online).

I still take Cebu Pac especially when I’m on a tight budget, which is most of the time. Hehe. What I’m saying is though I know they are probably bordering on being a mediocre airline soon with all their bad rep, customers should know that they are getting what they are paying for. Don’t expect food on board or to be treated like royalty because you’re paying for one of the cheapest flights ever. In the same way, though a budget airline, they should also be vigilant in times of crisis. It’s during these times when their skills in ‘first aid and emergency responses’ will be tested.

Of course, like any other thing, this may be an isolated case and does not quantify for each and every Cebu Pac airline, pilot and crew.

I say, if you have the money, go PAL. If none, go pray.


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  1. i agree na hindi na siya kasing mura ng dati… prolly because of the surcharges and everything. a piso base fare sale used to have a total of less than P100. ngayon hindi na 😦 kaya no more travels for me huhuhu!

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