My first LV


My first Louis Vuitton! Europe sure has given me a lot of firsts *wink*

Know how we usually savor our firsts? Well, except maybe for the first kiss which most would rather forget but our “first” in something is usually etched in our minds and is an experience we’d rather remember over and over again.

In my case, from the choosing of a model in the website, to the feeling and ‘trying on’ of the product to the actual buying at the store in Rome, Italy, up to the opening of the lovely box and packaging, I savored every moment of my LV experience. Given I might not experience this any time soon again. Hehe.

Bucket list #17353: buy a luxury bag before I get married: check!


A few interesting trivia I learned about LV:

1) this particular bag model can hold up to 200 kgs of stuff based on their experiments and research. I’m like, what do you think I’m going to put in there? Gold bars?!

2) this Neverfull LV can be made into two different types of bag, thanks to the ties at the side and is said to be reversible, though personally I haven’t tried it.


3) LVs are all the norm in Europe. Ladies would wear them as if they were paper bags. It was everywhere! And they didn’t care if it was getting wet by the rain.

4) if buying abroad, you may opt not to get the box yet and just pick it up at an LV branch in your own country. This way, you don’t need to lug around the heavy box while traveling. Same goes with the embossing of initials, you may opt to have this done in your own country since each bag is already registered to your name.

5) LVs never go on sale and don’t have an outlet store, like other branded bags

6) if in Europe, buy a luxury bag (or a watch and such) since they deduct the tax to your total price, resulting in a lower cost. My sis and I bought the same bag model with different designs.


7) their coasters are personalized

8) a brand new LV’s leather handle would be lighter than other LV’s, as you can see in the photo below, & will get darker with more usage and time. My sis’ Speedy already has darkened straps because it’s “older,” thus giving it a very nice color (patina).


I thank God for this blessing. Truly, this would not have been possible if not for Him.

With that, I leave you with this gorgeous illustration by Daryl Feril.



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