What to do with “old” foundation?


I bought this Revlon foundation a few months back and at the time, it seemed like a good foundation. But when I tried it again, it became darker on my skin (make-up experts call it oxidation) and actually did not smell good (it smelled like old chemicals). So it just gathered dust on my boudoir.

I hate throwing stuff away especially if I bought it with my own money so I decided to put it to good use. What better way to “reuse” it than to make my own tinted moisturizer! I actually have the ‘Olay moisturizer with a touch of foundation’ but I also like to have a “lower end” option moisturizer for those stay-at-home days.


Just transfer your available fave moisturizer in a bowl, preferably nice smelling with SPF so it would be perfect for everyday use, add desired amount of foundation depending on how much coverage you like, mix well and voila! Instant tinted moisturizer. 🙂

PS. Don’t mind the ugly, cheap looking pump. That was the only one I had. Plus, as of today, I had to throw the foundation out since I really could not stand the smell of the Revlon foundation. Oh well.


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