Random thought: unbelief



Don’t laugh at me when I say that I suddenly had a “spiritual” realization while playing Candy Crush. I’m not an addict but one day, I found myself frustrated and saying, “this Candy Crush level is impossible to finish!” Then I stopped myself because I realized that millions of others have already finished that level. Yet there I was, still an unbeliever that I would be a able to go through that certain level.

Isn’t that how God and his miracles are too? I am sometimes still an unbeliever. Thinking, “Oh God can’t do this.. He can’t heal me.. He can’t give me this.. He can’t make this big dream of mine come true..” When in fact, everyday, all around us, miracles are happening. Simply waking up in the morning when some people don’t anymore or finding food on your plate even with a measly salary. simple things that we take for granted. And wasn’t He the one who did all those miracles in the past? Yet here I am, still an unbeliever.

So as Candy Crush as my reminder, I will start believing in miracles again. Even if it’s hard. But I guess that’s what we call faith.


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