New Bombay’s new store


I looove Indian food. It’s one of my favorites alongside Persian, Mediterranean, Greek and Italian cuisine. And every time I’d visit Glorietta in Makati, I would have to eat lunch at New Bombay which was then just a little stall in the food court. So I was pleasantly surprised when I found out they already expanded into their very own restaurant, located at the ground floor (forgot the wing) right next to Wendy’s and near Fully Booked in Glorietta. It’s a restaurant right outside the mall.

It opens at 10:30am and they take time to cook the food, since everything is prepared fresh. The interior is nice, though not top quality. But we didn’t go there for that since I like their food – good Indian taste but also easy on the pocket.


We were three and decided to share. We ordered their chicken Biryani rice (approx. P150), their grilled platter consisting of curried chicken, lamb, fish and shrimp (approx. P300) and pita bread (approx. P100). Dessert was the gulab jamur, deep fried condensed milk with sweet glaze (approx. P100) and Indian milk tea (approx. P100). Sorry for all the price approximates. I’m not very good with numbers. Haha!


The platter was huge and the chicken biryani was more than enough for us; we even had left overs. I’m not saying this is the best Indian food out there but it’s pretty tasty and does taste authentic. Price range is ok for the quantity and quality of food. If you’re not an Indian food fan, I suggest you sill try it. You might be surprised and actually develop a fondness for Indian food. 🙂


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