SM Watsons Beauty Box


I haven’t been this excited since I discovered and shared about the Sampleroom website a few months back! With the advent of subscription boxes here in Manila, this time, SM and Watsons bring us their own version – the Beauty Box!

Basically it’s a box full of beauty products for the face and body wherein you’ll be paying a measly amount for everything you’ll get. I’m glad that Manila’s most popular beauty and fashion bloggers were able to share this a week ago and so we were able to take a peek into what they have to offer. The Olay eye cream (P1500) already convinced me that this was a good buy! Since I was really planning on buying one, I asked one blogger, Krissy, whether what they received would be the same amount and type of content that us, regular customers, would get. She said yes (though with different variants for some products like hair color) and she was right!


As you can see in the photo, the box is huge and yes, it is heavy. I put my Mac lipstick for scale (lipstick not included in the box. Hehe) and I came prepared and brought my own humongous recyclable bag. I recommend you bring your own since SM will just wrap it in paper and plastic strings. Best part is, it’s only P799 for what they say is P4,000 worth of products!

Yesterday was their first day of selling it. Not sure if stocks will even last for a week since I assume ladies from all over will march towards SM to buy one. That’s why, just last afternoon, more like during my lunch break (thank goodness I work right beside gamol), I zoomed towards SM Megamall to buy my own since it’s only for a limited time and they only have limited stocks (I think this is true because the sales lady said that only a few stocks were delivered to them) and only available in SM Megamall, SM North, SM Makati and MOA. I first went to the Watsons branches and the sales ladies didn’t know what the Beauty Box was! I was starting to think this Beauty Box was all in my imagination. Then I went to SM Department Store Watsons and at first, I couldn’t see a single Beauty Box sign. So I asked a saleslady and finally someone knew where it was!

I must admit their placement was not highly visible (it was in the middle of the fragrances). If I were them, I would’ve put it in the middle of the beauty section or near cashiers and put signs everywhere! Unfortunately, we can’t see what’s inside, though I already had an idea based on the bloggers’ posts. Just like your typical subscription box, it’s a surprise. But the sales lady was nice enough to peek into a box and confirm that it had two of the things I wanted most – the Palty hair color and the Olay micro sculpting eye cream & lash duo. The sales lady also said that even at that early hour, there were already some girls who bought them. So off I went and bought one. You cannot believe how much willpower it had to take not to open the box right in the middle of my work station. Haha! Imagine I had to endure 5 more hours of work knowing that my goodies were under my table. Hehe.


Anyway, I think the only complaint I have about this Beauty Box is that it’s so heavy! Ok, maybe that’s not a complaint since it’s a good thing. Haha. At home, I ripped open the sealed box and voila! Beauty goodies! They are the exact amount and type of products as those posted and shared by the bloggers. Yey!

Unfortunately though, the first thing I immediately noticed was that the Palty hair color was a sort of brownish blonde! Not my color because I’m a red head. Boohoo. Oh well, I can just give it to my sister to put to good use.

Now let’s take a closer look. The prices are approximates based on what I remember their prices are and based on personal opinion just so we can appreciate the great deal of savings we’re getting by buying this box (ok, so I’m defending my purchase).

For the hair:


Opal Virgin Coconut Oil Hot Oil Cream (P150) – need this! Been wanting to buy one for the longest time. Will be using this instead of just plain conditioner because my hair needs all the help it can get. Haha! It smells good too!
Palty hair color (P500) – too bad it’s a different color than my current hair color
Lucido L Hair Supplement Treatment Oil (P299) – unfortunately again, this wasn’t the variant I was hoping for. This particular one is for straight hair but I have curls so boohoo again.
Nanny Rose Gugo Lawat Anti hair fall shampoo (99) – can’t go wrong with shampoos
Vitress hair solutions (P99) – I don’t use this as well (not recommended for permed hair) so I’ll give it to my sis

For the face:


Olay micro sculpting eye cream and lash duo (P1500) – yep, with this product alone you already have your money back. I’m a fan of anything that will help me lessen my under eye bags and darkness so this is enough reason for me to buy this box. The other products are simply bonuses. Plus, it has a lash serum which I’ve been wanting since I need to take care of my peepers.
Complete set of Quick FX (pimple eraser, tinted moisturizer, no-shine mattifier and eye lift cream) (P250) – again, don’t laugh when I say I’ve been wanting to buy this whole line. The pimple eraser would be helpful since I get one or two pimples during shark week and the eye cream is a welcomed addition to my growing eye stuff collection.
Purederm Make-up Cleansing Tissue (P99) – again, I need this since I wear make-up daily. This would be perfect for traveling or on lazy days
Purederm Snail Illuminating Treatment (99) – I love facial masks and yes, been wanting to try this too. Weird though that it has the word ‘snail’ on it. Did you notice the packaging looks like a side view of a face? Cute.
Essence XXXL shine (P99) – you can never have enough lipglosses
Skinklens facial cleanser (P99) – probably something like Cetaphil

For the body:


Purederm Exfoliating Foot Mask (P150) – another item I’ve been wanting to try! Amazing how feet now have foot masks! Haha! Also, how cute that the masks come in wearable socks for easier use!
Beyond Care skin moisturizing body wash (P150) – I’m not picky with my body wash so this is fine. It smells good though I would have preferred I had the same variant/ smell with the body lotion
Beyond Care skin moisturizing body lotion (P150) – I always prefer my Olay lotion than any other lotion but I think I’ll give this a try
Evas vitamin hand cream (P99) – I’ve always been curious with this brand because of its cute packaging, although I cannot understand a single word it says except for “lemon flavor” and the brand name. haha!
Snake Brand prickly heat cooling powder (P99) – not sure how I feel about this but I’ll give it a go
Flormar Magnetic Twist (P99) – A nail polish that uses a magnet to produce a design seems like fun! Will definitely use this with my sis for more bonding moments
Fine Japan metabo coffee and collagen (P99) – an extra drink to drink when I have no more to drink. Haha!

For a total of P4139! Ok, even if I messed up the prices, if you place each product at only P99 that would be P99 x 21 products = P2,079. Still a good buy!

If I was you, I’d go and buy my own. Even with the unexpected variants that are not for me, I still think this is a great buy with big savings for any beauty afficionado. The box is sturdy too so you can reuse that as well. I checked the expiration dates of most of the products and they’re nowhere near going bad.

Go, go, go buy na before stocks are gone! Let me know what you think once you do buy ha! 🙂


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  1. Oh yay congratulations! Glad you were able to get one! 🙂 The Palty I got is blond naman so I don’t know if I’ll be able to use it since my original hair color is reeeally dark that the Richenna Mahogany Red Brown barely showed when I dyed my hair. Yun Lucido-L ko rin is for curly hair but Kira and I swapped ‘coz she got naman for straight hair and she can’t use it because her hair’s permed 🙂

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