Cheapest ipad/iPhone stand


I love cooking and baking and trying new recipes I find in the Internet. Most of the time, I use my ipad to copy or download the recipe to mimic it. Unfortunately, I simply put my ipad on the kitchen counter, which is not the best way to read and follow the instructions since my ingredients tend to find themselves on my screen. Haha! I do have an ipad cover that doubles as a stand but I only use it when travelling so I found myself in need of an ipad stand.

I thought of making one myself using wood or wires or boxes, like those in Pinterest, but then I discovered a more convenient way which won’t hurt my pockets – I bought an ipad stand from CDR King!


It costs only P60, is small and handy plus it comes in different colors like pink, white and yellow. I chose the black one so it would blend well in our kitchen. As you can see in the photos, it does the job. It won’t budge because of the lock at the back plus the ipad securely stands on it. Best part is you can flatten the ipad stand for easy storage (last photo) which is a rare characteristic in other stands. No bulky ipad stands for me!

If you’re looking for a simple ipad stand, this is the answer. Beats spending time making your own or spending too much money on an expensive one when this CDR King ipad stand does what you want and need just as well.


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