Pet Repellant: how to keep your pet away


My pets have these annoying habits which I’ve been hoping they’d outgrow but never did. For my dog Toffee, she has this habit of “knocking on our door” aka scratching the door. She usually does this at around her meal time, more so at 4pm. Then a few more times during the night. We take it like she just wants to come in the house and be part of the fam. Haha!

As for my cat, Luna has this habit of opening our screen window (literally, he can open it at will). I don’t mind him going out of the house but his habit of using his claws to open the window might lead to destroying the screen. Another of her bad habits is scratching our Pottery barn couches and tables. Cat owners know that cats need to scratch but even though we bought him a scratching post, he still prefers the couches and tables (to my mom’s despair).


So I needed a way for them to stop their habits. I tried researching it (like those who said to just ignore it) and even tried the Cesar Millan way, you know, the “sutsut” and being the alpha dog. But after years of doing other people’s advice, it wasn’t helping stop my pets’ particular habits. I needed something harsher.

That’s when I saw the Bearing Pet Repellant. Bearing comes from Thailand and is already a known pet brand ranging from shampoos, conditioners, cotton buds, soaps and the like. In fact, Toffee’s shampoo is from Bearing. The Bearing Pet Repellant’s instructions is pretty simple – just spray the product on the area you want your pet to stay away from. What’s great about this is that it can be used on different places. It can be used on gardens, carpets, furniture and even tires (for dogs who pee on them).


It’s quite pricey at P455 so it took me a couple of weeks before I finally decided to get one. Toffee’s knocking was happening regularly every night and I wanted to stop it. So as the instructions says, I sprayed our door liberally at around 11am. I did the same to our screen window and on the couch my cat scratches frequently. By 4pm, which is the time Toffee demands for her food, I waited for her to come a-knocking at our door. It never came. After 30 minutes, I saw Toffee approach the door and literally stop at about 2 feet. It was like she was thinking if she should knock or if she should just stay away from the smell. She then decided to knock but only once. That was a miracle since she usually knocks 3-5 times with a few minutes of interval! After about 15 minutes, I again saw her approach the door, stop, go away then approach again, stop, then made a half knock. Unbelievable! A few hours after, she would still knock but not as much as before.

According to the instructions, it says that I should spray after 12 hours or if it rained so even though I already saw a change in Toffee’s habit, I once again sprayed the door at around 11pm just to be sure. So far, this product is effective and I highly recommend it to those who need to keep their pets away from something.

Here’s the tricky part. I only saw this in South Supermarket in our place in Laguna. I haven’t found this in SM malls or in other grocery stores so I’m not sure wherelse you can find this. I haven’t checked Cartimar so that could be a good start for you to look.


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  1. Thanks for this information as I am having a problem with my dog. All the furnitures had been her scratching thingies. I will look for it here, though I am not sure if it is locally available.

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