Tagalog versions of books


I was at National Bookstore to purchase the sequel to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo book I just finished reading when I chanced upon the third book from the Hunger Games trilogy. I’ve read all three already so I was just curious with the paper back.

The front cover looked normal enough so when I turned it over and saw it was only P159, I was surprised since most soft covered books started at about P299. That’s when I saw the logo of Precious Hearts Romances, the maker of Tagalog romance books that you usually see in public markets and which are being read by helpers and the like (no offense meant here). But there I was, holding a Filipino version of Mockingjay.


I don’t know how I feel about books or novels being translated to Tagalog. I know Fifty Shades of Grey was also Tagalized though not sure exactly how that turned out. I guess maybe Tagalizing books will help more Pinoys read more.


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  1. Well this is what happens when Pinays are writing in English, poor Pinoys have to resort to tagalized versions. Wait a minute, don’t they say that Love speaks universal language, if so why undergo so much trouble?

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