Bangkok, Thailand


Reunited with my love! My favorite South East Asian Country is Thailand, followed by Cambodia. The first time I was there was about three years ago and I immediately fell in love, so much so that a month after I went back again. Haha!

Though work stuff troubled me before I left, I knew that I would have a great time in BKK, as always. We took the midnight flight, Thursday night and arrived early morning Friday. Checked-in at Citrus 13 hotel (most hotels in BKK are super cheap).

Day 1: The next day, Friday, was our city tour/ cultural exposure day via the hotel concierge, which means we had our own cab for the whole day (we are 5 in number, 2200 baht). I actually have been to all the places we went to again but my companions haven’t been there so we took them to the two most common tourist attractions – Grand Palace (500 baht) and Sampran Riverside (550 baht, formerly known as the Rose Garden). The Grand Palace houses the emerald buddha and huge temples while the Sampran Riverside offers buffet lunch with a cultural show and elephant show. We weren’t able to eat lunch because of limited time but my family enjoyed the shows, which was still the same routine from three years ago. Even the jokes were the same. Haha!


The two places we went to for the first time was the Gem Gallery (free entrance) and the huge musical production number Siam Niramit (1500 baht). The Gem Gallery houses jewelries with all kinds of precious stones. The Siam Niramit is something like the CCP theater, home of a gorgeous cultural production showcasing their history and culture. It actually includes an international buffet dinner but again, because of the heavy traffic in BKK (think, Manila), we didn’t get to eat anymore. The show lasted for about 1 and a half hour, no photos were allowed but it was really a magical show. The stage was huge (it’s even part of the Guiness World Record), about three times that of CCP, and the performers were good – complete with flying angels, rice that suddenly grew, an instant river with floating boats, the works!


We started at around 10am and ended at 10pm with a line-up of Gem Gallery, Grand Palace, Sampran Riverside then Siam Niramit. The night ended with dinner at a nearby Indian-Thai resto.

Day 2: Chatuchak Day! The whole Saturday is entirely allotted for shopping at their most famous market, also known as JJ. It’s a huge area with rows and rows of shopping stalls selling every thing you can think of – clothes, porcelain, wood carvings, even endangered species! I absolutely love going there, especially because of the cheap prices and the good food. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I actually didn’t shop much for myself but more for Toffee. Haha! Pet stuff is dirt cheap there such as my 3000ml Bearing shampoo (350 baht), Bearing powder (100 baht) and chew treats (250 baht). If you buy all of those in Manila, it would be more than double, even triple, the price. So I hoarded. The only thing I bought for myself was a shirt (120 baht), a keychain (69 baht), a tank top (150 baht) and another pair of Ababu pants (110 baht). Then the rest is food trippin, as evidenced by my photos below.


Faves: Thai milk tea & ice cream, chrysanthemum cold tea, Tom Yum soup & their spicy basil and pork viand.



From our hotel, we just took the BTS and did a little walking. We ended at around 5pm. We then had dinner at Terminal 21 which is awesome because it’s a mall wherein each level or floor has a different theme. For example, one level would have San Francisco as a theme and would be designed with their famous train and the San Fo bridge. The ground level was themed with Roman columns and sculptures and even ceiling paintings like in the Basilica. Even their restrooms are themed. It was really nice to look at. Food is cheap too, starting at 30 baht per meal.



My sis and I then dropped by their local grocery, which is a must-do for us when we visit countries, and had a dose of their famous Thai massage to cap off the night at Silk Spa (300 baht).


Day 3: Our chillax day. Spent the morning taking our time preparing then had lunch at their MBK mall.

Tip 1:When eating at their food courts, you first have to buy their pass/ card, buy your food then pay later as you go out. Other food courts will load your card already with money then you just pay your food using the card. Did a little more shopping and mall-hopping.

Tip 2: When buying in BKK malls, make sure you avail of the 7% tax refund for foreigners on all purchases worth 2000 baht. Just follow the instructions then you get your money at the airport as you leave the country.

Ended the night with good food at a friend’s house. Before we knew it, we were on our way back home. Our flight got delayed but thank goodness we were able to go home, even with the storm in Manila. Because of the delay, I had to go directly to work. Boo to me! But it’s all good since I absolutely love BKK and I know you would too =)


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