Wild flour Croughnuts


Everybody’s crazy for Croughnuts these days. Even Dunkin Donuts and Le Cour de France have their own versions now. Of course, the most popular would be the ‘original’ ones from Wild Flour, a New York based cafe resto which has now landed in Manila. I’d like to think New York has some of the best and most interesting foods in the world so trying out the famous pastry was a must do for me. Plus, my sister practically forced me to buy some as she kept on bugging me at work to the point I couldn’t concentrate anymore.


Since I work right beside Podium, I decided to drop by the cafe for some croughnuts. I went there at 12nn and was actually surprised there was no line. Everyone knows that there’s always a line for Wild Flour’s croughnuts. I then found out that they don’t sell croughnuts during lunch hours! They sell it at 11am (cashier told me they were already sold out) and at 1pm. Since I didn’t want to go back, I bought lunch in the form of their Nutella Banana Danish (P120) which is not as flaky and crumbly as I’d like it to be but which was pretty good. I like the combination of the nutella and banana since both don’t overpower each other. As you can see, they have other pastries and meals to offer with a price range of P300-P500 per plate. The place also is small so in house seating may be a problem.


I went around the mall then 10 minutes before 1pm, there it was, the line I was looking for. I fell in line with the others (about 10 people were in front of me) and before long, there was already about 20 more behind me. What a crowd! Sidenote: I was really annoyed by the mother and daughter behind me because they were loud and talked in maarte Taglish and didn’t respect my personal bubble. If you can handle posers while waiting in line, go for it. Haha!

After about 20 minutes of waiting, the line started to move. I was hoping to buy 4 pieces but get this, only two croughnuts can be bought per person! Just like in NY. But I believe you can reserve the day before so you can buy more. I guess they need to manage the number of croughnuts they make to preserve the quality and taste.

Get this again, each croughnut ranges from P150- P170! That’s like, a whole meal for an average Filipino family of 5. Haha! Not minding the price since this is my first time, ordered the classic chocolate (P150) and Tiramisu (P170) which was recommended by the cashier.


I must say, the croughnuts were really good. Perfect combination of sweetness and flakiness. Dare I say: it’s worth the price and the wait. Yes, I would buy again and yes, I recommend you try it. I also recommend that you eat it immediately after buying it. I actually liked the simple chocolate flavored one compared to the tiramisu. Will try the other flavors as well their meals.

Wild Flour has branches in BGC and now in Podium.


What are your thoughts?

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