Beauty Formula Apricot Peel Off Facial Mask


I’ve always been fascinated with facial masks, particularly mud masks. I think this is partly because of all the Hollywood films I’ve seen as a kid where the pretty girl would have green goo on her face and just at that moment, her crush sees her and she’s horrified. You know the story. So I wanted to try facial masks (not because of the crush part).

Unfortunately in Manila, not many companies actually produce this product maybe because there’s really no market. There are a few but they are so limited and hard to find.

One day, when I had time to spare, I visited our friendly grocery store, SM. And there I found this Beauty Formula Facial Peel Off Mask (P150). It comes in Apricot and Olive variants. Since I wasn’t busy that night, I chose to take the Apricot one with me.

The consistency is clear gel and smells pretty good, kinda sweet and fruity. Actually, both variants smelled good but I chose the “hydrating” one. Instructions are pretty simple: wash face, slather on product, relax and after 30 minutes, peel off. I find the “relax” instruction funny since it’s like implying that if you don’t relax, the product won’t work. Haha!

Anyhoo, I did as was told and relaxed and after 20 minutes, the gel started to dry and after 30 minutes, I started peeling it off. It looks like I’m shedding skin in the photo, like a snake. Haha!

Depending on your peeling style, my strategy was to start at the edges going in then just somehow roll it off my face. End product is the last photo (which now looks like Spidey’s web).


Personally, though I don’t have problematic skin, I feel as if the peel did make my skin smooth. It may be just the initial result, nonetheless, it made my skin feel supple that I didn’t use moisturizer anymore. I didn’t experience any itching, drying or any other violent reaction so yey!

What I like about it is that it’s cheap, has a lot of product which will last for so long (unlike Garnier’s P49 per pack and per use peel off mask), it smells good and I feel that my skin was refreshed.

What I don’t like about it is that it’s quite time consuming (about 6 minutes or so) to peel it off. Maybe I didn’t put enough product but I had a challenging time peeling it off because it felt like it was about to break. I think that’s where Garnier has a plus point since with Garnier, you know how much product to put on hence, the mask is thicker and therefore easier to peel off. I could even peel off the Garnier mask in the dark. I can’t say the same for this one though maybe next time I’ll put on more product. I also don’t like that it doesn’t state how often you should use it, likr should it be everyday? Every other day? In the same way, it doesn’t state if I should or could use a moisturizer afterwards.

Overall, I still think it’s a good buy especially for those who are into masks. It’s a cheap alternative to pampering yourself at home.


What are your thoughts?

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