SM Supermarket finds


I absolutely hate getting my feet wet. That’s why I have a number of boots at home just in case it rains. But during crazy typhoon Maring’s stay in Manila, all my boots were in my other home in Laguna. I didn’t have time to get them anymore since I just got back from Bangkok and had to work immediately. So I had to endure going to work in wet slippers but I hated that the guards would see me in such an informal state, even though I change into heels once inside the office. So, with no boots yet (I didn’t want to spend either), I needed a cheap alternative.

Good thing I chanced upon Patty Laurel’s Instagram post where she mentioned a P129 pair of rubber flats, perfect for the weather, bought at SM supermarket. I was really planning on dropping by the grocery so it was a sign! Hehe. The great thing about these plastic ballet flats is you can just wring them out to dry. I know there are a lot of similar flats for only P50 (I asked) in the streets and markets but it’s nice that mine is somewhat different. And when someone asks me where I bought it, I’ll say “Sa Sm.” Susyal di ba? Chos! Haha!


I filtered my photo since I have ugly feet so don’t judge (note to self: filters DO NOT make everything better. Proof, your feet). Mine, with the flowers & cherries at the bottom, costs only P99 but when I got to the cashier, it turned out to be only P70. Jackpot! It’s not super comfy like Fitflops or a pair of Chucks (duh) but it does the job. I wouldn’t wear it for super long walks, though. But it has its purpose.

Tip: if you decide to buy, make sure you fit it since the sizes are wrong. I’m usually a 7/8 but the one that fitted me was a 41!

Another thing that caught my attention at SM Supermarket was this Coco Royal Basil Seed with Honey Juice drink (P29). I’m always up to trying new things so I went on and bought it. I also got interested because 1) it’s from Thailand and I love that country; and 2) the words ‘basil seed’ was on the label. Not sure if that’s how basil seeds look like but why not. It comes in a glass bottle with an easy-to-open cap, so you can drink it anytime, anywhere (I sound like a commercial).


I don’t know what I was expecting (will it taste like basil leaves?) but it kinda reminded me of the dragon fruit, which I love, because of the seeds. I immediately drank it when I got home even though I hadn’t chilled it. And guess what it tastes like? Go on. Guess… You know what it tastes like? Our good ol’ “palamig gulaman.” Haha! Palamig or palamig gulaman is a local drink in the philippines, usually sold at markets or in the streets, which is simply made up of water, vanilla flavoring (but not the vanilla bean kind) and gulaman (something like jello). And this drink in a bottle tastes exactly like that! It’s too sweet for my taste, as if it’s made with 90% sugar and though it doesn’t bother me, the tiny seeds have a different feel in my throat and tongue.

If you want something “fancy” to drink, then this is for you. Coco Royal also has a coconut juice variant. Amazing how marketing and packaging make all the difference 🙂


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