Fading Flower


Finally, after almost a year of mulling it over and dreaming about it, I finally got tattoos #2 and #3! To start, I will share first about tat #2, which is actually super tiny. It’s a simple red flower on my middle finger. No, I did not put it there so I could show my tat while I raise my middle finger to haters (I don’t do that. I’m a lady). I realized, however, that there were only a few areas where I could actually put a tattoo since, as I mentioned before, tattoos for me is a form of art. I often catch myself staring at someone’s tattoos, even if they’re at the back or arm of a kargador or a driver and most especially if it’s a pretty design, simply because I find tattoos really fascinating.


Anyway, since it’s an art for me, where do you put your art? In the living room or in my case, somewhere I can easily see it. With human bodies, there are only a few places I can actually see and stare at my tattoos. Tatttoo #1 was on my wrist, giving me freedom to look at it anytime I wanted to and easily so. With that, I wanted tat #2 to be on my finger since (1) it’s super tiny & won’t be easily seen by others; and (2) because of its message.


The flower is actually inspired by the song ‘Who am I?’ by the Casting Crows, in particular by the chorus:

“I am a flower quickly fading
Here today and gone tomorrow
A wave tossed in the ocean
A vapor in the wind
Still You hear me when I’m calling
Lord you catch me when I’m falling
And You told me who I am
I am Yours, I am Yours”

The song talks about how small I am, how miniscule I am compared to the universe, how undeserving and ugly I am and yet God still sees me, listens to me, and even knows my whole being. It’s a reminder for me that He deems me important, even though sometimes I feel tiny, incompetent and insignificant in this world. Whoever I am, regardless of what I have done, He is there for me just because He is God. It is also a reminder to take things slow, make every day count and use every moment for Him and for my loved ones, since I might be taken away from this world in a snap – like a quickly fading flower or a vapor in the wind. I actually thought of getting the words ‘vapor in the wind’ as a tattoo but decided on the flower instead.

And you know what? Finger tattoos are known to be one of the most usual tattoos to easily fade. I’m not actually bothered by this. Imagine: A tiny red flower to signify myself as a fading flower in this world, which in a few years would actually fade from my finger. Now ain’t that a fitting tattoo.


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