Bayani Brew


I came across this brand Bayani Brew when I was looking through Human Nature’s website. I was instantly curious because I’m weird like that. I actually like trying new things, especially if they are locally made.

Good thing my office sells this for P35 (we found other restos selling this for P75, crazy!).I finally tried it (like a year ago, actually) and the only way I can describe it is that it tastes like no other iced tea I’ve tasted. I was hoping that it would taste something like Wendy’s iced tea, which is one of my favorites. It does not. Nor does it taste like commercial iced tea. In the end, I would have to say it tastes like iced tea from the mountains of the provinces (big help, huh?)


But I recommend this for people whose taste buds are already tired of all the Nesteas and orange juices that are out there.


Good news too since they also introduced a new variant, the purple brew made out of the talbos ng kamote (that’s sweet potato purple leaf tops, which I find interesting since I learned to make that kind of juice in a course I took a few years back). Bad news would be I’m not sure if this is already being sold in supermarkets though it is sold in the Human Heart Nature website.

PS. The additional information on the label/ packaging is fun and informative to read 🙂

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