Switch: Blush on edition


Kikay alert!

I absolutely love this blush, as evidenced in my empty pan. So when Human Heart Nature had a special offer, I jumped on the opportunity and bought my blush fix!


Actually, it took me quite some time to “fall” for it since I still had this mentality that my Mac blush was better. But when I finally regularly used the Tropical Blush on my morena skin, I loved how it gave me glowing and pinky fresh cheeks! It’s like a highlighter and blush in one. Only downsides are (1) it’s a screw top wherein I prefer a flip top; (2) once you hit the pan, it has a tendency to crumble already; and (3) it doesn’t last long, about 1 pan for just a month, so if you’re a regular user, it would be more expensive than a Mac blush because P200 x 12 months = P2400 when in fact a Mac blush only costs P1400 and lasts for about a year.

Nonetheless, still love this since it’s organic in a way.

*Let’s support pro-poor, pro-Philippines, pro-environment companies like Human Heart Nature 🙂


What are your thoughts?

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