Best toner


Kikay alert!

I don’t have much to offer in the physical department but I am blessed with clear, pimple free skin. The only times I get pimples are during intense stress and sometimes on shark week. haha! So I make sure to take care of it with the usual cleanse, tone and moisturizer routine – religiously. The toning is very important for me because I experienced before when I skipped this part, pimples started to show! Lesson learned. And the only toner I’ve found acceptable is the Clean and Clear toner.


But do you know how hard it is to purchase Clean and Clear’s toner here in Manila?! I think they discontinued it, for what reason I do not know. So every time I go abroad, I hoard. Good thing Bangkok grocery stores have this. I actually found some specialty stores in Manila malls carrying this as well (like once in a blue moon) but for a more expensive price.

For other Filipinas who are looking for an alternative, I did the research for you based on one main ingredient found in Clean and Clear – salicylic acid. During the times I didn’t have my Clean and Clear toner yet, I tried Pond’s and Eskinol’s Acne Control toners. I didn’t break out but I still felt they were too harsh on my face.

Thank goodness I now have a few bottles of C&C toners that will last me maybe for a year. After that, gotta find a source again!


What are your thoughts?

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