The Sarah Gaugler Experience


Remember my post about getting a foot tat? Well, I finally did! But, my #2 and #3 tattoo almost did not happen. You see, I want to get a semi-big tattoo on my thigh. Why on the thigh? Because as I shared before, I like looking and staring at my tattoos; therefore, they should be placed on my body parts that are easily seen (by me) such as my wrist (tat #1), my finger (tat #2) and now, my foot (tat #3). Since I want a thigh tattoo in the future, I want a lady tattoo artist to do it, of course. I wouldn’t want some random guy, even though I absolutely adore tattooed men, to actually touch me somewhere as intimate as the thigh (I’m conservative like that). So I decided to get a tattoo from a woman artist. First name that comes to mind: Sarah Gaugler. You’ve probably seen her Globe Tatttoo commercial or heard her group, Turbo Goth. If not, then well, we don’t have the same interests. Haha!

I contacted her shop and during the first few texts, everything went fine. We set an appointment on a Friday night. When I sent multiple texts again to confirm as they instructed, there was no reply until the day of the ink session. Disappointed, I left a message on Snow Tattoos’ FB page and decided to check Sarah’s Instagram account. Lo and behold, she was in Bacolod during our supposed sesh! Surprised, I left a message on her IG. Later on, shockingly, she replied.


So I texted their contact number again (they didn’t reply for a week) and had it rescheduled two weeks after, 7:30pm on a Friday again at their tat parlor in Makati. Friday came, I arrived at their shop a bit early. Good thing I brought my book so I waited in Saguijo Café, with all their art, located downstairs of her shop.


It was already nearing 7:30pm yet still no sign of Sarah. I then received a text that they were running late. I said, fine, though I actually had a bus to catch so starting late would be an immense inconvenience for me. 8pm came, still no sign of the artist. 8:30pm came and still I was playing the waiting game. At this point, I was debating with myself whether I should still stay and wait or pack up and go. On the one hand, I was already there. Leaving would be in vain. On the other, I find it quite rude to wait for more than an hour. Plus, I felt like I wasn’t being given the ‘respect’ as a client even if in terms of time (just because I’m not a celebrity?). Maybe it’s my training as an employee of a multi-national company which is very strict with time – when we say 7:30pm, we mean 7:30pm. Filipino time is not an option and traffic is not excuse. Finally though I decided that I would leave at 9pm. An hour and a half of waiting is just too much. Of course you know what happened next.

The duo – Sarah and her assistant/ apprentice/ band mate whom I later found out was named Paolo – arrived. Paolo was all smiles and apologized. Of course, as a person who is not good in waiting, I was not happy. A few minutes later though, I found myself in Sarah’s all white tattoo shop, sitting on the couch. Small as it may be, it was very nice and clean looking. It had a few decorations here and there wherein my favorite was this drawing in a ship’s wheel.


Sarah apologized but since I don’t do well with waiting, I was all business. I explained to her what design I wanted and how big it would be, which is 2×2. She started to draw while I read and signed the contract and a few minutes later, she came up with a design. She showed it to me and I liked it. She then put the stencil on the top of my right foot. I found it too small for my huge foot (haha!) so I requested for her to make it bigger, about 2.5 inches, which she did. On the second try, it looked better and even the duo agreed. She then prepared her instruments; I too prepared my instruments. I read that foot tats can be quite the biatch so I came prepared with my distraction (book) and documentation (phone).


Then the pain started. I am not even going to sugar coat this. Foot tattoos hurt! As. In. It. Hurts. Super painful. I cannot even explain how much pain I was in. When I had my wrist tattoo, it was no problem at all but this! I tried my best to put on a brave face. Proud to say I didn’t cringe (I think). Sarah even shared that I was holding up pretty well since some of her other clients already started cringing in the middle of the sesh. Don’t know if she says that to all her clients, you know like how some doctors do with their patients (wow, ang brave naman ni little girl! Parang kagat lang yan ng langgam), but I’ll take it. Trivia: Sarah herself doesn’t have a foot tattoo since she knows how painful it is. Interesting, noh?

I think I asked her if we were almost done once or twice. Haha! I can’t say though that my foot didn’t wince because sometimes, involuntarily, my foot would wince once the needle would touch my skin. It was really painful. Have I mentioned that? Anyway, Sarah would once in a while ask how I was or whether I wanted to take a break (in which I said no; better to finish this soonest) and Paolo would even make small talk, probably to distract me. With all the pain I was in, my being upset over their lateness subsided. Haha! I mean, come on, one cannot simply stay angry as their foot is being inked. Besides, after the session, I saw that the tat was really pretty so of course, I was happy. The duo liked it too, though I teased them that expectedly Sarah would like it since she designed it. Whatever the case, Sarah took a photo of my foot, which she will share in her IG someday (since she has a lot of other designs yet to share), whenever that may be. Note: it is stipulated in the contract that she can share her designs. Finally done, the duo invited me to stay for their performance downstairs in Saguijo Café but since I couldn’t, Sarah and I exchanged hugs and sealed the deal.


I think the whole process including the design making, inking and my questions regarding after care took only one and half hour. Since I did my research beforehand, I knew better than to bring a car since putting force on the foot will hurt. Walking to the corner to hail a cab was actually a bit painful, as if I sprained my ankle, but I tried to hurry since I was pressed for time and it was about to rain.

All in all, despite Sarah being late for our appointment, I really like my tattoo. The best part is that it’s an original, custom-made design, which I wanted and had a part of. Sarah is an artist and a part of me wishes I had my first tat with her. Nonetheless, I do recommend her as your tattoo artist, especially if you’re a newbie, since she’s nice, artistic and gentle with the needle.


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