Cheap Bearing Pet Stuff


I just want to reiterate this helpful info for other pet lovers out there. If you want to buy really cheap pet stuff and you happen to be in Bangkok, then visit their Chatuchak market (as well as some grocery stores) since they sell really affordable pet stuff like dog treats, chew toys and Bearing items, which are made in Thailand.

For our recent trip, I bought a 1500ml Bearing shampoo for only 350 baht (roughly P500). In Manila, imagine a 600ml shampoo already costs more than that price (approx. P650)!

For the Bearing powder, bought it at 100 baht (roughly P150) but if bought in Manila, it costs P380.

Same goes with my bag of treats, about 50 pieces for only 250 baht when in Manila, it costs about P100 for 4 pieces.


I know that we can’t simply go to Bangkok just to buy pet stuff but if you do get the chance and would like to stock up on your pet stuff, don’t forget to visit Chatuchak market.


What are your thoughts?

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