I never really understood the sudden arising of LongChamp in the country and even the Pinoys’ obsession with it. Left and right friends and online sellers would be selling them. For a simple bag, I could not for the life of me understand why someone would pay P5000++ for it. And of course, let’s not forget all the fake replicas out there (I hate fakes!). I am proud to say that I do not own a fake replica of any luxury bag.

That is, until (1) I went to Switzerland, where we could avail of the foreigners tax refund and buy the bag for a relatively lower price; and (2) my go-to everyday yellow bag’s straps finally gave in. So I thought, why not take advantage of the lower price at the same time, replacing my old yellow bag, which I “recycled” by changing the hand straps and adding a shoulder strap (photo below) Side note: The cutie, weird ‘monster’ keychain is from Bangkok. Adorable, noh?


So, what color is my Longchamp? Yellow, of course! Haha! I love how yellow can just bring a burst of color in any outfit.


This is a medium sized, long handle bag and cost roughly $100 (or about P4500). When we checked how much Rustan’s was selling Longchamp, it was about P10,000 for just the small bag! Unbelievable. Kalokahan talaga.

So good thing I have finally quenched the curiosity of owning a Longchamp. I don’t think I’ll buy the same model again simply because one pangharabas, put-everything-in-it bag is enough. I did find another model, the Le PLiage Cuir, which we saw in Paris simply pretty and so soft, made from lambskin leather. Maybe someday.


What are your thoughts?

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