Evil thoughts


As a Christian, I know we’re supposed to be this nice, loving type of people. Trust me, I’m working on that. I’ve been praying for Him to change me drastically and though there have been changes, e.g. consistent quality quiet times, going to worship services, Bible studies etc, I am still a really big work in progress.

Anyhow, as much as possible, I try to be really nice to people. But one of the people who really irk me, and I encounter them everyday, are the mall security guards who check your bags when you go in.

(1) I find their ‘search’ for illegal stuff in a bag is futile since they only look at the top of the bag; and (2) the way they handle the bag is usually really rough and careless. Granted, they are just doing their job but sometimes, when the lady guard roughly checks my bag, I just want to snap at her and say, “Be careful with my bag. It costs more than your salary.”

So mean!


What are your thoughts?

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