Dear SM


Dear SM,

I am one of your millions of loyal patrons for years now. As much as I appreciate that you “have it all” for us and your constant strategies to improving and developing yourself, I do hope you do something about your restrooms.

Take a hint from Robinson’s Galleria, which has:
(1) a cue for the ladies which means there would be a fair and orderly manner of relieving oneself; (2) they provide each stall (and one outside) with toilet paper; and
(3) they use recycled water.

I know some of your restrooms have toilet paper but just outside of the stalls and that some branches use recycled water. More than these, I really hope that you do something about the ladies cuing. Think of it as your gift to us for being your customers.

SM Lover


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  1. isa lang problema ko sa restroom ng SM… sobrang kinis ng tiles.

    sa sobrang kinis, kita mo yung reflection mo at yung reflection ng tao sa kabilang stall. so ganun din siya sa iyo. awkward lang.


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