Japanese technology


I am fascinated by the Japanese as a whole – their culture, their society and even their technology. My mom just got back from Japan and brought a whole lotta goodies, which I researched on beforehand! Too bad I wasn’t able to join here due to work (sagabal! Haha). But I’m still happy with her pasalubong, especially the dirt cheap Shisheido eyelash curlers (about P400), the Royce maccha chocolates (about P330) and green tea Kit Kat (about P70)! I know what you’re thinking – uber cheap! – compared to Manila prices!


I know one day I’ll be able to visit their fascinating country, by faith! One day, Lord.

For now, I really like their noodle box because it has its own drainage system! I remember before when our local Yakisoba had this as well, though it didn’t last long probably because it was a little more expensive, they didn’t have holes! At least this one, it’s much more convenient. Love how the Japs think.



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  1. nakatikim na din ako nyang green tea kitkat ;D galing din japan… ako gusto ko mapuntahan yung sanrio world and visit my nanay hello kitty..hehehe

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