Proudly Pinoy: Fino Bag


I know I’ve shared before about my Fino wallet (though with crappy photos) so this time, I’ll share about the Fino Bag, first seen in this post. This is actually my first Fino bag since I realized that I like leather goods, ever since my trip to Italy. So I told myself, ‘No more buying of cheap bags at SM. I will now go for quality, even though it may be slightly expensive.’ Because let’s face it, quality leather really lasts a long, long time and becomes prettier with time.

Good thing the universe was in agreement with me since when we went to Fino Glorietta, they were on sale! This bag originally costs P10k but was 50% off! Didn’t take us 5 minutes to decide to purchase it. Haha!

What I love about this bag, aside from it being Pinoy made, is that it has a hand strap and a shoulder strap, so you have two options on how to carry it. It’s two-toned, red and grey, giving it a unique look. Plus, it’s so roomy I can fit all my office stuff there. Perfect for everyday use.


Unfortunately, one of the screws on the bag mysteriously fell off so I visited Fino Podium and ordered a hardware. A week after (that was typhoon season), they contacted me to inform me my hardware arrived. It was only P50 so it was fine. I really like Fino’s customer service. Most of them are pretty nice. Another mishap with this bag is that since it’s leather, it easily shows damage when it’s scrapped to something hard and rough, like cement. Since I’m a bit on the clumsy side, this was inevitable so some of the corners of my bag have scratches already.

Still, this is my fave bag after my Longchamp for everyday use. I’m still on the look-out though for a softer, less structured tan-brown leather bag. Any suggestions?

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