Make-up Brush Cleaning


Kikay alert!

If you love putting on make-up as much as any girl-next-door, then you must make it a habit to clean your make-up brushes regularly. And by regularly, it is recommended to do it every week, unless you’re a make-up artist, which would then mean you must clean it after every use on each client. Now, since I’m a regular, simple make-up user, I don’t need a too complicated or expensive make-up brush cleaning procedure.

My sister and I actually started with just cleaning the brushes in anti-bacterial dishwashing soap, rinsing it with water then letting it air dry on a towel. But I really wanted to try an “official” make-up brush cleaner and since I didn’t do much research then, I bought one from Mac (P600++ for 235ml). Other bloggers also recommend the brands J&C, James Cooper and Parian Spirit, though I have yet to try those.

The whole process will take you less than 10 minutes. In our experience, you will need:

Anti-bacterial dishwashing liquid soap
Cup for the make-up brush cleaner
A piece of corrugated mat (available in Ace Hardware)
Mesh for your brushes (bought ours at Suesh – approx. P150, about 15 small and big pieces)


Clean your brushes with the make-up brush cleaner by swishing your brushes in a cup with the liquid. Once all the make-up has been removed, gently clean it with the anti-bac soap and rinse. Then what we do is place all of the big brushes in meshes, so that it would still be able to retain its shape. Then place brushes on a piece of corrugated mat and let it air dry. Since we do this on a weekend, and since we are not pressed for time, we just let it air dry which takes about the whole weekend. By Sunday evening, just to be sure, we can already keep the brushes in our bags. Brushes are clean, soft as in the same texture as we first bought it and sanitized.

Sidenote: Most bloggers and make-up professionals would tell you to just wet the hair of the brushes and not let the water seep into the handles, since it will loosen the glue. But our Ecotools have been able to survive more than 2 years of being submerged in water during cleaning time, which I find really awesome, so yey for Ecotools (available at PCX outlets for less than P500 for a set of 5)!


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