Alternative to Nippon’s mini cotton buds


Kikay alert!

I always see the brand Nippon in fashion blogs and even in Suesh stores (newly opened branch in Megamall!). Among those that I wanted were the mini cotton buds. What for? As an amateur yet regular make-up user, and in no way an expert, I always find myself making a mistake when applying make-up. It’s usually when my mascara gets on my lids or under eye area. Before, I would wipe them with a piece of tissue or if I was lazy, which is most of the time, with my finger. But somehow I would just make a bigger mess spreading the mascara and end up looking worse.

I realized I needed these mini cotton buds so it would be easier to clean my make-up boo-boos. The Nippon mini cotton buds costs P60 for less than 100 pieces and I found it too much for simple buds. Good thing I discovered these mini cotton buds in our local China-made store called Novo. It’s something like Saizen or Japan home only that this one sells stuff that are dirt cheap. The mini cotton buds I found only cost P20 for the whole box! I tried it and it does the job. No more messy mascara runs on my eyes. Haha!


As you can see in the photo, the left one is the mini cotton bud and the right one is the regular bud. What’s nice about the mini cotton buds is that it it able to “clean-up” even the smallest messes on your face, without affecting the other parts of your face. Unfortunately, I’m not sure where else you can find these but let this serve as inspiration that there is always a cheaper yet still effective version of anything out there. We just got to look.


What are your thoughts?

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