Zombies & Squatters


Forgive me for using that term since illegal settlers is too long for a title. Anyway, as I was looking out the window of a vehicle, I saw in one part of the metro the “homes,” or whatever we can call them, of the illegal settlers. I was quite sure those houses were not there before and yet, now there were about a hundred houses there.


Which got me thinking: illegal settlers are like the zombies in the movie World War Z. They just keep on popping up and reproducing and spreading everywhere. It’s like this virus that is easily taking over our country – with currently no cure. Want to know a scary thought? Imagine if our government can’t contain, can’t control these illegal settler-zombies, what would happen to our society then? Will the middle class, the working class, be “eaten” by them, overtaken by their sheer number? Will their overpopulation take over the country? What will happen to our quality of life? What then?

You think that won’t happen? Look back at the last 5, even 10 years and you’ll realize that the amount of illegal settlers in our country have already doubled, maybe even tripled in number.

Makes you wonder if our government will ever be able to stop that kind of outbreak. At least for me, my hope in the future of my country is in my God’s hands.

*photo not my own


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